Let's be real. Changes can be tough, especially when you go through them alone.
You are remarkably brave and resilient. You are successful. You lead others competently. And so you ask yourself, "Why should I get support, now? After all, this life change is just another stage on the journey, right?"

Yet, deep down inside, you know that this time it is different. This is why I offer you my signature coaching program, "Pathway to Clarity."

Pathway to Clarity

Your Guide to Navigating Your Life Transitions with Confidence, Hope, and Love

Why This Program?

If you are an adult, then you have likely experienced at least one major life change. But what happens as you move from that change into a time of transition between what was and the unknown of what will be?  

Without the right support, you can become overwhelmed during this transition. The feeling of being overwhelmed sneaks up on you. Suddenly, you find yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained. Simple tasks and decisions become challenging. You start to doubt your identity and capabilities. You pause, unsure of the best path forward and where it will take you.

In this program, “Pathway to Clarity,” I provide you with the insight, tools, and strategies for navigating your life transitions with competent professional support and guidance.

You talk to people all day long and you think, talking to a coach isn’t really going to help. But coaching isn’t just talking. Coaching involves identifying, processing, and thinking through your life’s desires and them coming up with actionable strategies to assist you in moving forward.
Vernona Dismuke
Insurance specialist

What's at Stake?

Let’s find out if you are a good fit for this program:

There are times when you are too close to what is happening to fully grasp it. Similarly, the people around you are too invested in you to take the necessary step back to appropriately support you.
Claire Smith

Confidence | Hope | Love

What will you get?

“Pathway to Clarity” will provide you with the correct perspective, support, and focus for effectively navigating your life transitions and grow into a purposeful present and future.


The necessary mental, physical, and emotional space to process the changes that are happening around and within you.


There is a dynamic aspect to change that cannot be thwarted but instead embraced and navigated.


Other perspectives that enable you to identify and clarify the core issues and challenges.


With space, perspective, and acceptance in a caring and invested environment, you will experience renewal.

Dr. Claire's Clients' Experiences

I was distressed and depressed after a major career and life change involving many losses for me and my spouse. It only took a couple of sessions with Claire, and my depression lifted. I developed a life and career plan, which I am now implementing. I highly recommend Dr. Claire as a highly skilled professional. I am looking forward to the future.
Michael Pope
Dr. Claire is wise and asks the right questions to help you find your own solutions. If you are feeling stress, anxiety, difficulty focusing, or fearful about the future, I highly recommend that you schedule some time with her.
Michelle Fritsch, PharmD, BCGP
Founder Retirement Wellness Strategies
Dr. Smith aided me with focusing on what was important, highlighting how to best utilize my time. She asks great questions which nudges you into introspection and the rationale behind your current behaviors.
Rachel McClain Robinson, M.A., LPC
Certified Therapist
Dr. Claire is competent, conscientious, and, most of all caring. She seeks to help those lives she touches with their work and life journeys . . . providing the tools, resources, and guidance needed to turn their visions into a successful reality.
Dennis Daniels
Real Estate Agent/Broker

Let’s find out if you are a good fit for this program:

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD

About Dr. Claire

Meet Your Spiritual Mentor and Coach

Claire Annelise Smith, PhD, is an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor and coach. She specializes in helping successful leaders in navigating significant life changes with confidence, hope, and love. Drawing from her personal experiences in transitioning through various life changes, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining a connection with God to remain stable and resilient. Claire brings a diverse background, having served as a youth minister, pastor, faculty member, program director, and leader in international organizations.

Benefit from Dr. Claire’s time, experience, expertise, guidance, and support.

What Are Your Steps Along This Pathway to Clarity?

number one -39114_1280

Name that Change - Demystify

A major life change can feel intimidating, throwing you off balance. By naming the nature of the change, you demystify it and remove its intimidating aspect. In this step, we also examine what is happening, why it is happening, how it came about, and its impact on you and those around you. Then, we affirm who you are at the core of your being and your unchanging value as created by God.

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Embrace the Change - Transition

Having demystified the change, it is time to navigate the transition it has brought. We will examine what you need to leave behind to avoid being limited by holding on to what no longer serves you, hindering your present and future. We will also empower you to identify and acknowledge the emotions associated with the transition as you work towards accepting what is happening.

Number three-39116_1280

Live Beyond the Change - Emerge

There is life beyond the initial life-changing event. In step three, you emerge past the life event as you identify the opportunities unfolding before you. You also embrace the new you that has been honed by what has happened and is happening. You develop your mRET plan to manage your relationships, expectations, time in the light of your new reality.

What Can You Expect?

90 Days to Clarity

It's Time to Start on Your Pathway to Clarity

With the right perspective, support, and focus, you will navigate your life transitions and grow into a purposeful present and future.

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